It’s never a good scenario when motorists come in contact with animals they don’t see in time to avoid on lonely county roads, but this is what happened on Sunday, Dec. 20.

Wharton County dispatch at 2:16 a.m. that day was reporting that South SH 60 and CR 110 was being set up for a Life Flight landing zone. This is south of Lane City. 

Traffic was being blocked after a single vehicle accident occurred when the driver hit a cow.

Wharton County Sheriff Shannon Srubar was told a female left the scene on Life Flight in serious condition.

The couple was reportedly from Wharton. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety, which investigated the accident, reported the injuries were not life threatening.

Earlier in the month, there was another accident that occurred on FM 3013. Srubar said there were no fatalities but it was a “cow versus car” incident. It left a Nissan passenger vehicle with damage. The accident happened around 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The Wharton Volunteer Fire Department was called to wash the road, which was forced to close.

For residents who live in Wharton County, driving at night can present challenges when coming across an animal of some kind.

“I hate driving at night, specifically because of animals,” Morgan Benson said. “Late at night a while back I came across what seemed like the whole herd on FM 1161. Luckily, I noticed something weird in the headlights and slowed down but I have been paranoid ever since.”

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