For 37 years, Wharton County citizens have come together in support of their local law enforcement agencies through the 100 Club. 

The Wharton County 100 Club’s sole mission is to support law enforcement officers in Wharton County including: El Campo Police Department, Wharton Police Department, Wharton County Sheriff’s Department, Wharton County DPS Department (Pierce), Wharton County Game Wardens, Wharton County Constables, and Wharton County TABC.

The club is a countywide organization that supports area law enforcement agencies by purchasing protective vests, night vision equipment, and, perhaps most notably, life insurance for every active duty officer.

“New members can come and join at the door,” said Andy Kirkland. 

The Wharton County 100 Club 2017 Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday at the Wharton Civic Center, 1924 N. Fulton St. in Wharton.

Byron Nelson is the incoming president, who will be replacing Kenneth Trochta, new officers will be installed at the annual meeting, and members will be updated on events and information.

“Kenneth Trochta did a great job leading us last year,” said Kirkland.

The social hour begins at 6 p.m. followed by a meal at 7 p.m. After members enjoy their meal, a short business meeting will be conducted and then members will hear from Wharton County District Attorney Dawn Allison who will report on Wharton County crime, including arrests and safety suggestions for citizens. New members are welcome to join the 100 Club at the meeting and are encouraged to visit with local law enforcement. Memberships are $100 per year or buy a lifetime membership for $1000, business memberships are also available. 

The Wharton County 100 Club supports all members of Law Enforcement in Wharton County with life insurance, crime fighting equipment and scholarships.

For more information visit or call Susie Priesmeyer at 979-541-9605.

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