Greg Baines Day No. 5

Photo by Kristy Quijas

Dozens of people came to the fifth annual Greg Baines Day to celebrate “Unity With the Community” as the theme was appropriately called. Among those who came, besides citizens, were also elected officials like Rep. Phil Stephenson, Councilman Clifford Jackson, WC Sheriff Shannon Srubar. Sarah Hudgins, left, is standing next to Ronnie Baines. Vanessia Baines between Stephenson and Srubar. James Perez, right is the Just Do It Now executive director.

For the fifth time in its history, the annual Greg Baines Day event was held and celebrated with this year’s theme titled “United With the Community.”

Dozens of people of all ages – law enforcement and otherwise – gathered outside of the Just Do It Now (JDIN) facility where the Dawson Community Center is located along Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

The Friday, Aug. 2 event was held not only to remember a man who gave to his community, but also to build on what has been left for those who are still living.

Baines, who was JDIN’s executive director at the time, passed away July 2014 in Dallas. He had been following the Wharton Wolves AAU basketball team in a tournament when he had an aneurysm. Vanessia Baines, who survived him, has been instrumental in holding this event. Greg’s family and the community have continued to remember his legacy.

Among the law enforcement entities that were represented were the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office with Sheriff Shannon Srubar in attendance, WC Precinct 2 Constable’s Office, and the Wharton Police Department.

A prayer was led by Pastor Cee Hearse, the Pledge of Allegiance by Srubar. Youth with JDIN children sang the National Anthem.

Another survivor, Ronnie Baines, welcomed those who came, including Wharton Councilman Clifford Jackson and Rep. Phil Stephenson.

Sarah Hudgins assisted in planning the event with the Baines family. Food and drinks were served during the two-hour festivities.

Greg Baines was 53 when he died.

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