There are new and current programs that district administrators with the Wharton Independent School District have introduced to their staff at all four schools.

There are three major goals announced that include:

1. Focus on strengthening all areas of the instructional program;

2. Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, highly motivated staff to optimize student engagement, and learning;

3. Provide facilities that enhance a positive learning environment and foster student and community pride.

These goals were introduced to the Wharton ISD Board of Trustees during a Sept. 10 special meeting.

The third goal was the smallest of the three. It includes providing safe and secure facilities by evaluating and making appropriate modifications. WISD also wants to provide clean, efficient and effective instructional environments through proactive maintenance and modifications.

The second goal pertains to staff. WISD will offer a “Grow Your Own” program.

But first, WISD will partner with the business community for help in acclimating new hires from outside the area. WISD officials said it will “continue efforts” to offer competitive salaries, benefits packages, improve staff support systems in areas of instruction and professional development, recruiting strategies, too.

WISD will increase the level of instructional support provided to teachers through coaches and facilitators. It also wants to develop and utilize a “three-year staff development plan” to avoid a fragmented approach to training. It still plans to develop the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program and increase CTE (Postsecondary Career and Technical Education) participation.

WISD said it will continue to refine the balanced literacy approach as it delivers “effective” instruction to grades K-6th.

“The district will continue to meet the state standard and demonstrate student growth over time,” WISD said.

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