Courtesy photo/WCJC Marketing and Communications Department

Prosperity Bank recently funded a scoring table for Wharton County Junior College's volleyball team. Shown from left are Jana Rachunek, senior vice-president and Wharton Banking Center manager; WCJC President Betty McCrohan; and Landon McClain, president of Prosperity Bank's Needville and Wharton banking centers.

Wharton County Junior College’s officials said baseball and volleyball teams have both benefitted from the generosity of Prosperity Bank. 

In a news release, WCJC said the bank recently funded a score table for the Pioneers volleyball team. Installed in the Gene Bahnsen Gymnasium, the table will provide a location for game announcers to sit during WCJC volleyball games. Prosperity Bank donated more than $3,500 to cover the cost of the table and installation.

“We have a fantastic, long-term relationship with Prosperity Bank and we appreciate their generosity in supporting WCJC and its athletic programs,” said WCJC President Betty McCrohan. 

Earlier this year, the bank also funded a tarp that will be utilized to keep the infield dry at WCJC’s new Corbett Park ballpark. The tarp cost $7,250. 

Such donations are part of Prosperity Bank’s community-minded way of doing business, said Landon McClain, president of Prosperity Bank of Wharton and Needville.

“We don’t consider our customers a number,” McClain said. “They are a partner.”

The WCJC Pioneers volleyball team will have to wait a few months before trying out the new scoring table. Although the team normally competes in the fall, concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic led to the season being postponed until spring 2021. The WCJC Pioneers baseball team already competes in the spring but usually conducts off-season scrimmages in the fall. Those have now been cancelled due to the virus.


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