COVID-19: Positive cases in WC

For the first time in two months, Wharton County did not record a positive test, according to the Office of Emergency Management (OEM)in its Sept. 1 report.

The report, like all reports that have been tallied by county health officials, is received from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

The report also showed there were no recoveries.

In an email from the OEM on July 6 to the Journal-Spectator, it showed that was the last time there were 0 positive cases reported in WC. Before that was July 1. In June, there were five times that no positive COVID-19 cases reported.

The OEM said that it is true that cases are on the decline in the state, but there is a reason for it.

“Notification was received from DSHS that stated, ‘While most counties in our region were able to avoid the predicted catastrophic damage from Hurricane Laura, the DSHS team has been fully engaged in supporting the public health and medical needs of the affected counties in the east,” the OEM said. “Our epidemiologists have not been able to keep up with processing COVID-19 lab reports.’” 

The Wharton OEM said although it cannot confirm, it is believed that there are pending test results that are delayed due to the DSHS’s epidemiologists not being able to process COVID-19 lab reports as quickly as before Hurricane Laura, which struck Louisiana last week. 

The following are Sept. 1 numbers associated with the coronavirus: total positive cases remains at 1,259 in Wharton County, 453 reported cases who have recovered. Wharton County has 778 active COVID-19 cases. There are 0 additional fatalities due to COVID-19 so the total number of deaths remains at 28. 

WISD announces changes to homecoming

Due to all students with the Wharton Independent School  District participating in remote learning until Sept. 14, the Athletics Department has announced it is rescheduling this year's Homecoming event to Friday, Sept. 25.

It will be the game against Stafford, instead of Sept. 11, which would have put WHS against Bay City.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” WISD Athletics Department said in an email. “But, we are excited to give our students a chance to participate and continue this tradition.”

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