As the shelter in place orders are lifted in Texas, there is expected to be a significant increase in divorce filings, according to a news release from Collaborative Divorce Texas. The expected increase in divorce filings is based on trends in other countries after stay at home orders were relaxed by government officials. According to Collaborative Divorce Texas, the problem for many couples is that while stay at home orders have been lifted, courts in Texas will remain largely closed until at least Monday, June 1. When the courts re-open, the backlog of cases postponed by the coronavirus crisis will take precedent, the organization said.

As a result, except for emergency hearings, access to the courts for new cases will be limited.

Collaborative Divorce Texas is an option available to divorcing couples that avoids the need to go to court. Court closures are not an issue as Collaborative Divorce Texas is a longstanding alternative to the hostility and dysfunction typically experienced in courtrooms.

“Divorce professionals have known for a long time that going to court to resolve a divorce is often more destructive than finding a way to work through the questions that need to be decided in ending the marriage” said Collaborative Divorce Texas President Suzanne Blake. “The backlog of cases will make the Collaborative Divorce process the best way for most couples to move their case forward.”

Collaborative Divorce said it avoids the need to go to court, creates a unique action plan that addresses child custody and visitation arrangements, finances and more; is a private and confidential process; relies on a team of experienced attorneys, mental health professionals, child specialists, and financial experts to advise the parties.

The Collaborative Divorce Texas process would allow divorcing couples to proceed without a rigorous court battle. Divorces will be delayed even further by the limitations in the court system with no clear indication of how long it will take to finish the case.  

Collaborative Divorce Texas is a not for profit organization representing collaborative professionals including attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals throughout Texas. One of the goals of the organization is to help educate the public about the benefits of the Collaborative Divorce process.

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