Adults like faculty and staff joined students of various ages at different campuses from pre-elementary school to Wharton County Junior College in the early morning of Wednesday, Sept. 25 to exhibit their faith. They gathered for the annual See You at the Pole event that is held in conjunction with National Day of Prayer across the U.S.

At Wharton Elementary School, National Day of Student Prayer was greeted by a beautiful sunrise. Prayer and song worship was led by Grace Community Church members Stephen and Lindsey Hlavinka and Chris Sparks. Two staff members and three students prayed spontaneously with and for WES.

Faith Christian Academy also held its event that every student attended, including family members, who were invited.

At Wharton Junior High School, Hailey Harborth from First United Methodist Church Youth opened the See You at the Pole event. Students read scripture and prayed. WJHS also had Rescue Church visitors, who prayed along with parents. Wharton Police Department officers also visited.

At Wharton High School, around 40 students and faculty members gathered in front of the main entrance. Music and prayer was provided. Wharton ISD Trustee Steven Roberts attended and offered prayer.

At WCJC, the event was sponsored by Young Life College, which is a non-denominational Christian student group. Their event was part of the global See You at the Pole observance, which encourages students and classmates to get together once a year to pray for their communities. WCJC’s event included student-led prayer and music performed by Gabrielle Ortiz and Angel Ramos. Young Life College meets at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week at the Pioneer Student Center on the Wharton campus. For more information about the group, contact faculty advisor Jodie Hutchinson at

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