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Courtesy/City of Wharton

This is an illustration of concept land use for the FM 1301 corridor extension that will go beyond US 59 once it is constructed. The total planning area shown in color encompasses 1,091.6 acres. This was one map that was shown to the Wharton City Council during a Monday, May 13 meeting.


It’s likely that some of the elected officials on the Wharton City Council will not be alive when and if the FM 1301 corridor is completed and maxed out with various retail, housing, industrial and office uses.

During a presentation on development concept area planning for the FM 1301 corridor extension that will one day be constructed past Interstate 69, the council was told it will take up to an estimated 35 years for all of the development to be completed.

That puts it in the year 2055.

This is what Andy Struckoff, with PGAV Planners, told the council during a Monday, July 13 regular meeting about the proposed corridor. No action was taken on this item as it was for presentation only.

He presented various maps that were related to city limits, planning area, planned roadway extension, extra territorial jurisdiction – things that point to the city growing in the next few decades.

Flooding and resiliency was language that Struckoff used in his presentation and with good measure as the city has suffered through various flooding disasters, the last one in 2019, and Hurricane Harvey two years earlier.

Council heard there are ways that this proposed development could be tied to downtown because recreation, mixed use, single family, commercial development will not be far away.

Road and connectivity linking the new FM 1301 corridor to the future I-69, as well as Wilke Road, Spanish Camp Road, North Richmond Road, West Milam Street, and FM 102 were introduced.

Development analysis showed that nearly 1,100 acres of land would be planned in this major project.

There will be approximately 24.3 million square feet of development, including the following:

• Approximately 2,300 residential units

• 6.9 million square feet of commercial, retail space

• 2.3 million square feet office

• 5.3 million light industrial

• 5 million industrial.

Struckoff was not present during the meeting as he made his presentation on video.

He said there would be a 35-year “absorption.”

He took into account that in certain years there will be no development to account for recession /slow-down periods in Wharton.

Tax Revenue Impact Analysis

• All development would add approximately $33.9M in property tax revenue at full buildout

• Starting from $350,000 after the first couple of years of development

• $3M in year 5

• $12.7M  in year 10

• $22.8M  in year20

• $33.9M  in year 35

Employment Analysis

• Construction jobs

• Site work: 2,000 jobs

• Average of nearly 60 jobs annually

• Building construction

• Supports an estimated 31,320 jobs over 35 year buildout

• Average of 900 jobs per year

• Ranging from 33 to 2,000 jobs as development would be cyclical

Development Anaylsis

• Total Development:

• Nearly 300 acres of land

• Approximately 5.6M square feet of development

• Approximately 170 residential units

• 1.8M SF Commercial retail space

• 540,000SF Office

• 1.6M LightIndustrial

• 1.25M Industrial

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