When it comes to dividing up the cost of a planning study to do with flood protection in both Matagorda and Wharton counties, it is Matagorda which will foot most of the bill.

Wharton County will be the lead applicant to the Texas Water Development Board for a study of the Waterhole Creek-Caney Creek Basin that extends from the Wharton city limits southward to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. The application shows that the total study stream encompasses 133.77 miles.

According to payment information from WC to the City of Wharton, Matagorda County’s share will be $99,763.39, while WC’s share will be $42,755.74.

The total cost of the study that will take two years to complete is $570,076.49. The TWDB will pay $427,557.37, and the local share ($142,519.12) with be divided up among five entities. It will be WC, the City of Wharton, Matagorda County, the TWDB (FIF grant program), and possibly Matagorda County Drainage District No. 1.

Last month, the Wharton City Council approved $18,000 in funds and sent a letter of support and a commitment for this amount of money. 

There are 10 tasks that will be part of the study. It’s divided up like this: project management ($40,000), data collection ($10,000), field survey ($98,265.62), hydraulic 1D/2D modeling ($267,546.82), hydrologic modeling ($80,264.05), alternative analysis ($30,000), benefit cost analysis ($20,000), three public meetings ($6,000), three stakeholder meetings ($3,000), and engineering report ($15,000).

“This study will include new field surveys of all bridges and culverts, new hydrologic modeling, new unsteady hydraulic modeling, flood reduction/conveyance improvement alternative analysis, regional detention location analysis and development of an overall drainage master plan for all of Lower Caney Creek,” according to the application details. 

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