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Unlimited Creations owner Britne Estrada holds an item that was handcrafted and painted and is available for sale. Estrada is shown where she has an inventory of other painted items. Unlimited Creations also does custom orders.

For any business owner, taking a leap of faith can be scary, especially during a pandemic. This past May, Unlimited Creations opened its doors for business. It came just as Gov. Greg Abbott had announced Texas would re-open amid COVID-19 anxieties.

Even though Unlimited Creations’ location is new, owner Britne Estrada has been crafting and creating decor for years now.

What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a dream of hers. Now, people from all over Wharton County enjoy the benefits of her creativity.

Humble beginnings

When Estrada noticed her dad, Emilio Estrada, had a pile of scrap wood in his trailer, she decided to make a towel rack. Despite never using a level or measuring tape before, she became hooked. 

“After that, I was addicted to making new stuff. I started making shelves, benches, foot rests and stuff like that. One day, I got a request from somebody around Christmas time who wanted wooden ornaments for their yard. The rest is history,” Estrada said. 

Luckily for her, she was a natural. 

“It takes practice. People look at it and think I’ve been painting for years. Every day you just get better at what you do. And then if you love what you do, you don’t see it as work,” Estrada said. 

Early on, Estrada’s attention to what an item is and giftedness led her to succeed. 

“I’ve always had an eye for detail. When I started doing this, I never used a measuring tape, level or any kind of markings or anything. I just draw it free-hand,” Estrada said.

As she started working on more projects, her business grew. Word of mouth advertising helped her become busier and busier.

Eventually, she decided it was time for a more permanent location.

The grand opening 

In the early stages of her business, Estrada worked from home out of her kitchen.

“I would paint on my counters and I would get paint on the counters and floor. It was becoming too hectic and I was just getting too busy,” Estrada said.

One morning, Estrada called her grandma, Maria Aldana. She sells Paparazzi Jewelry, and told her they should get a shop together. After that, the search for a building began.

“I was so scared. I literally felt like I had to throw up. I always spoke it into existence but just never had the motivation to pursue it. I would always get cold feet,” Estrada said. 

Eventually, the stars aligned and Estrada purchased the former Collins Music Center building, despite it not even being on the market. 

“There could’ve been bumps in the road, but it ran so smooth. That’s when I knew it was destined to be,” Estrada said.

Once they closed on the deal, remodeling began.

“I came here right afterwards and I sat here for hours just thinking. I was brainstorming and couldn’t believe it was mine. It was real. It was happening,” Estrada said.

Leading up to her grand opening, COVID-19 was still affecting many businesses. Bars, barber shops and more were still not open. 

“It was nerve-wracking at first because I was still working from home and still had business during that time,” she said.

Yet, Estrada decided it was her time to shine.

“Whenever I was opening, to be honest, the pandemic didn’t even cross my mind. I was more excited to show my customers where I was going and the progress I would have for them,” Estrada said.

However, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t worried about her business after the opening.

“Now that I’m in here, I have to keep my doors open. It’s only God and he pushes me through. July is a slow month for me. With the pandemic, it’s really slow. But I managed to make it with the support and help of the community,” Estrada said.

Social distancing guidelines are followed throughout the store and proper sanitization practices are done. 

Through it all, Estrada owes her success to the community.

“Wharton helps each other, especially with small businesses. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am,” Estrada said. “I want other women who own small businesses to know they can achieve the same goals. As long as they put their mind to it. You can reach anything.”

Future plans

The sky’s the limit for Estrada, as she plans for the future of Unlimited Creations. Estrada hopes to open her doors to the community and give back to those who support her. 

As far as creativity goes, there’s nothing she can’t do. 

“When I named my business Unlimited Creations, I really meant anything is unlimited,” Estrada said. “Not only do I do signs and wood cutouts, I also paint windows, crafting, event decorating, painting classes, make wreaths and so much more.”

Estrada appreciates art for what it truly is and loves making her customers happy. 

“As long as we stick together, there’s nothing that can stop us. I feel like this was a great opportunity and I’m glad I jumped on it. I’m glad I didn’t run away this time,” she said.

Unlimited Creations is located on 1406 N. Alabama Road. Store hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, contact the business at 979-488-4200.

You can find Unlimited Creations on Facebook by typing in the name. Or you can also log on to

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