When it comes to the alleged assault that occurred last month between a Wharton High School varsity football coach and athletes, it is Anita Myers-Sherman’s assessment that her son, Allyn Perez, was a “whistleblower” and punished unjustly by his school administrators.

He is now assigned to the Wharton Independent School District’s District Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) program. She filed a grievance so her son could be taken out of the DAEP program.

Two other student athletes – both football players – were also assigned to the DAEP program.

She would have explained this to the Wharton ISD Board of Trustees, but was not allowed to speak during the citizen comments portion of a regular public meeting due to her filing a grievance against WISD.

An appeal regarding the grievance was held last Tuesday. There is a 10-day waiting period and at press time, it had been only seven days. She reached out to Wharton ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael O’Guin and Wharton High School Principal Richard Chandler, but they have not returned her requests to share information.

“When whistleblower(s) tell the truth, they are often the ones who are retaliated on and this is definitely what is happening here,” Myers-Sherman said of her son, a senior.

According to Wharton ISD, the DAEP program is defined as: “Students who engage in serious misconduct that mandates removal to a DAEP are reassigned to the Wharton ISD DAEP located at 1120 North Rusk Street. A structured academic and behavioral program is provided to teach appropriate social skills and self-discipline. Parents are required to attend a parent conference before their child's DAEP assignment.”

Myers-Sherman said the three students have attended school in one of the portables on the WHS grounds at 1 Tiger Avenue.

After speaking to her son following the alleged assault in a locker room of a home game on Friday, Oct. 8, she told WHS and Wharton ISD administrators on various occasions some football coaches continued to “harass” three student athletes who were suspended and assigned to the DAEP program. 

Myers-Sherman and other parents said the assistant coach involved has “a history of aggression” and has showcased it at past Tigers football games, and most recently near the portables “staring” at the suspended students.

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