Driving into Boling

Staff photo by Albert Villegas

Traffic is shown on FM 1301 in the Boling area. WC elected officials are working to make improvements to streets here.

Wharton County Commissioner Richard Zahn found out this month Precinct 1 is eligible to receive a six-figure sum to improve roads.

During a Monday, July 13 regular Commissioners Court meeting, officials approved a County Transportation Infrastructure Fund (TIF) grant agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation. The process began on April 13 when WC was notified it was eligible to receive grant funds in upwards of $430,000 to build roads. County Judge Phillip Spenrath confirmed that WC is eligible to receive even more – $461,040 – from the State of Texas.

This is a matter that had been discussed between Spenrath and commissioners Zahn, Steven Goetsch (Precinct 3) and Doug Mathews (Precinct 4).

In the April meeting, Zahn said the grant funds would be used to make improvements to Boling streets. According to WC, Precinct 1 would utilize 50 percent of the TIF grant. Of the remaining 25 percent  each would be used in Precinct 3 and Precinct 4. 

There is a 10 percent match that is required to be paid by each commissioner.

Spenrath said WC previously contracted with GrantWorks, Inc. for administrative services which includes identifying projects and going out for bids.

In other actions, the County Commissioners:

• approved purchase of pad foot roller for approximately $85,000 with funds from Special Road & Road and Bridge Fund Precinct 2 Machinery and Equipment. Commissioner Rusty Graves plans to purchase this item from Hlavinka Equipment

• approved preliminary plat for Martinez Acres. This is off CR 308, the owner is subdividing a 4.7-acre tract in Precinct 3;

• approved to obtain bids for late model John Deere maintainer/motor grader for Precinct 4. The amount is expected to be $120,000.

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