Andres Garza, Jr. will continue to work with the City of Wharton in his capacity as city manager until the middle of this month.

In September 2020, Garza had announced his retirement and had planned to have his last day be Thursday, Dec. 31. Instead, his last day will be Friday, Jan. 15.

Paula Favors, who was appointed to be the assistant city manager last month by the Wharton City Council, said Garza’s continued employment with the city will be discussed at the Monday, Jan. 11 council meetings. Favors said the discussion will focus on what capacity Garza will continue to serve the city.

According to the meeting agenda, the council will go into executive session to deliberate the matter of a new city manager and current city manager employment agreement.

The search for a new city manager began in November 2020. The city received more than 50 applications for the position. Since then, the City Council has currently web-interviewed six of the applicants during executive sessions. 

According to the city, the council is still in the preliminary interview stages at this time. Once initial web-interviews are completed, the council will select applicants from the first-round web-interviews that will be scheduled for in-person interviews. 

Garza has served Wharton since 1994.

Favors is still the city secretary, human resources, and public information officer for the city. However, she serves as assistant city manager when Garza is not present or unavailable.

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