Getting ready for ice cream

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Shown from left are Hunter Muegge, Audrey Dimmick, Benjamin Kacer, Brooklyn Kacer, Brody Popp, Eli Popp, Hudson Popp, Ethan Popp and Maddie Dimmick. They are excited to deliver homemade ice cream to Bayler Popp, who will arrive in her convertible for the annual St. Paul Ice Cream Social.

St. Paul Lutheran Church will host its 96th annual Ice Cream Social on Friday, July 24 at 5 p.m. Despite COVID-19, the church leaders and organizers of this longstanding event are continuing with their beloved tradition.

The first social was held in 1924 by the Ladies Aid group. Since then, it’s become an event everyone in town has looked forward to. 

 “We didn’t want to put it off because of the coronavirus. We had gone through the years of World War II, so we wanted to keep it going,” said Jan Schroeder, chairman of the ice cream social. 

Due to COVID-19, social distancing practices will be in place for the event. 

“We hope people will come inside and enjoy ice cream. We will have tables set to comply with social distancing. We also have by request a drive-thru. People can choose what they want,” Schroeder said.

Those who choose to come inside will be required to wear a mask. There will be a designated entrance and exit. St. Paul Lutheran Church is doing its very best to make the Ice Cream Social as safe as possible.

“We want people to know not to stay home because they’re afraid to come in. We will get ice cream for them,” Debbi Dimmick, chairman of the congregational life committee, said. 

Come Friday, attendees will be enjoying fresh, homemade ice cream made by members of the congregation. Ice cream is available for everyone to enjoy, as it is a free-will donation event. 

Desserts will also be available for purchase. Any funds raised this year will go towards the children’s ministry and other projects supported by the church.

The Women of the ELCA organization, which puts on the event, looks forward to its “regular” attendees, as well as new ones. 

“Our ancestors did it through a world war. We can do it through a virus,” Dimmick said. 

St. Paul Lutheran Church’s Fellowship Hall is located on 325 North East Avenue. Serving will be held until 7 p.m. For further information, contact the church office at 979-532-2315.

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