Now that October has arrived and it is beginning to feel like fall, the Crisis Center and its officials have risen to the occasion to make the community aware that this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

To do this, there are several events that are planned this month that started with a proclamation during a Wharton County Commissioners Court meeting.

The Crisis Center’s Tammy Pursely and Crystal Lorta attended a September meeting to receive a proclamation that Judge Phillip Spenrath read aloud.

“Home should be a place of warmth, unconditional love, safety and peace,” he said. “Tragically, for many individuals there are blessings that are tarnished by violence and fear. Domestic violence touches the lives of individuals of all ages, leaving a devastating impact on women, men, and children of every class.”

The second event will involve teen students at Wharton High School on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

An assembly is planned from 2:50 to 3:41 p.m. 

An email from Ashleigh Henderson, who is the program manager with the Crisis Center, which serves Matagorda and Wharton counties, said that Crisis Center staff will speak about domestic violence to the community youth.

Some of the information they are likely to share is that 2018 marked the highest number of women killed in the last decade, according to the Texas Council on Family Violence.

It also showed that in Texas last year, 174 women were killed by their male intimate partners, 32 men were killed by their female partners, and one woman and four men were killed by same-sex partners.

In September, the Crisis Center announced that it would host a Meet and Greet from 2-4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 18. The Crisis Center-Wharton location is at 116 East Burleson Street. 

Those who attend will learn about the new sexual assault SANE program. All the community is invited. Dr. Khara Breeden will be talking about the program.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, it will be Go Purple Day. “We ask that everyone wear purple attire to help fight against domestic violence,” Henderson said in the email. 

She said supporters are urged to post a selfie to the Crisis Center’s Facebook page with the hashtags #GoPurpleDay or #DVAM (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) #StandWithUs.

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