The Wharton Journal-Spectator on its Facebook page, asked residents if they could let us know how they fared through the night from Nicholas. 

These were some of the responses as of 10 a.m. Tuesday before our noon deadline.

Diana’Dee Guerra Callis

My parents on 1st Street have been without power since 2

 a.m.. My dad is on oxygen so they were prepared with the 

generator and have been running it since then. 

Pamela Abbott Nash

It was breezy off and on but nothing else.  Less than an inch 

of rain for the entire day.  No problems with the power.  

Rebecca DuBois Burns

No power in the Pyssen Addition out of Boling.

Ellen Abbott

We never lost power and didn’t even get any decent rain. 

Lots of small dead branches down from the two oak trees.

Heather Jennings

No power in Burr since 8:30 p.m. last night 

Phoebe Titus

Live off of 102 before you get to Walmart. Never lost power.

Tree fell on power line in yard and still have power

Belinda Luera

Our power went off about 8:30 in Burr and hasn’t came 

back on yet

Melissa Coates

No power since 2:45 on Tennie St. Still out.

Angeline Enriquez

We’re in Burr & never lost power! 

Nancy Hubenak Sablatura

No power around funeral home, the bank and Valero. Out 

since a.m. Come on CenterPoint

Mary K. Cervenka

Lake Nett without power since 2:30. Still out. 

Tracey Castillo Rebector

No power since p.m. on Emily Ave. Still out

Brandi Castillo

Boling Hwy went out in the middle of the night and was just 

flickering at first.  Then just now came back on

Elaina Ranee

Been without power since 2:30 a.m. near Wharton Junior 

High school

Elizabeth Salinas

Power off and on throughout the night in Boling by the high


Lea Anna Kostelnik

We have been without power since 9 p.m. last night in Iago.

Sandy Ramos

Been without power since about 9 last night Columbus Dr. 

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