The Wharton County Commissioners Court recently started the process of making drainage improvements to the Bear Bottom and Pecan Valley areas by seeking bids for drainage pipes.

The drainage improvements to these two areas were introduced by commissioners Rusty Graves (Precinct 2) and Richard Zahn (Precinct 1) to discuss during a late January meeting. Now that the court approved to move forward with the improvements, they are currently going through the bid process for drainage pipes.

Judge Phillip Spenrath said it was likely it would cost at least $50,000, but it could go as high as $100,000.

This is an item that was initially discussed a month before in December 2019. At the time, the court had agreed to use remaining funds in the drainage department 2019 operating budget.

“We are looking to purchase six to nine pipes with an estimated cost to exceed $50,000,” Spenrath said. “So we need to go out for bids to get them manufactured.”

Auditor Barbara Starling received the proper paperwork from Eric Scheibe, with Scheibe Consulting, to begin the bidding process. The county already published for this project in January and plans are to have all bids opened on Feb. 20 in Starling’s office.

This will be revisited at a Feb. 24 Commissioners Court meeting when the bids are presented. 

One of the drainage CMP pipes measures 184 feet, and two CMP others 175 feet each. They measure 54 inches round.

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