Demolition site

Staff photo by Albert Villegas

The City of Wharton’s Public Works Department, which is headed by Director John Plaia, listed the demolition of a building at 505 East Milam.

The following is a monthly report that was provided to the Wharton City Council during an August meeting. The information is from the Public Works Department for activity from July 20 through

Asphalt all city streets

Maintenance all equipment; completed inspections for equipment\vehicles due for the month

Mow and weed-eat all city right of ways

Street sweeper swept all city streets

Repair/replace street and stop signs

Clean signs

Mowed at the Wharton Municipal Airport

Mowed Hwy 59 south and north

Delivered and spread two yards of limestone at 615 East Mulberry

Shave edges of road for 2020 preparation of 2020 Street Maintenance Program

Patching on Oakcrest for preparation of 2020 Street Maintenance Program

Staged barricades at Guffey Park for food truck event

Demolished building at 505 East Milam, loaded debris in rolloffs

Repaired section of driveway (concrete) in front of Roberson Air Conditioning at 202 East Milam

Cut vegetation off electric pole on Damon (work order request)

Stock pile limestone at old Alamo yard

Cut and remove fallen tree from roadway at 518 East Emily

Spray herbicide on 1609 Goode, 1014 Damon and dead end of Wilkes

Patch apron on intersection on Newton and Ahldag

Added limestone to tie in at 817 West Spanish Camp

Temporary fix driveway on 1511 West Milam

Swept parking lot per work order at 111 North Fulton – Mid Coast Title (city property)

Hauled cold mix from Waller County Asphalt

Cleaned right of way at corner of Rusk and Caney per code enforcement


Cleaned catch basins during heavy rain

Profile ditches for drainage improvement on Mahan

Flushed out culvert pipe at 311 Maha


Plant # 1 (South East Ave.) 0.732 million gallons per day

Capacity 1.5 MGD

Plant # 2 (Highway 59) 0.222 million gallons per day

Capacity 0.5 MGD


Well # 1 (Alabama Road) 11.085 million gallons

Well # 2 (Cloud Street) 7.756 million gallons

Well # 3 (Alabama Road) 11.490 million gallons

Well # 4 (Valhalla Street) 12.197 million gallons

Re-Read and Check for Leak 18

Miscellaneous 8

Turn off for no deposit 0

OCC Chg-Read and

Leave on 16

Turn off service 20

Turn on service 25

Reconnection 47

Check sewer backup 21

Water leak 1

Locate lines 4

Meter maintenance 12

Turn off for repairs 15

Check for leak at meter 7

New meter 26

Take off vacation 3

Put on vacation 1

Water/sewer taps 0

Pull meter 0

Get reading – curr billing 6

Check for water pressure 0

Public Work Service

requests 13

Meter information 0

Read check after billing 0

Total 243

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