A burn ban continues to be in effect across Wharton County.

Andy Kirkland, who is the county’s Emergency Management coordinator, has updated Wharton County elected officials and the masses across the county via emails to news outlets, including newspapers and radio stations.

For those who ignore the ban, a costly penalty could occur.

“It will be a very hot start to the week with the heat index that approached 109 on Monday,” Kirkland said. 

A heat advisory was in effect for Aug. 26.

He said although the tropics are heating up, there is no direct threat to Wharton County in the next seven days at this time.

But, the Keetch Byram Drought Index value for Sunday, Aug. 25 was 546, information he shared with the Wharton County Commissioners Court the next day during a meeting.

“Very little change in the forecast, with highs in the mid to upper 90s and lows in the upper 70s,” he said on Tuesday, Aug. 27. “Low is dropping to the lower to mid 70s by Thursday as a slight wind shift to the north northeast is forecast.”

On Aug. 19, the KBDI average value for Wharton County was 647, ranging from 555 to 699. 

The day before, the KBDI value was 642 (563 – 695).

Stephen Johnson, the City of Wharton’s Emergency Management coordinator, shared information locally.

“Very high heat index for our area this afternoon expected at 109.  Low chances of rain with a higher chance of 40 percent Thursday afternoon.  Take heat precautions,” he said.

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