Townhall meeting

Staff photo by Albert Villegas

Wharton City Councilman for District 1 Clifford Jackson speaks to his constituents during a town hall meeting at Just Do It Now on Saturday, Jan. 25. Dozens of people attended to hear various topics of interest.

Juneteenth in Wharton is happening once again in some capacity for the 10th time in 11 years. The requisition and relocation process is still ongoing as it affects those whose homes are in the affected area of where the Wharton levee project is located ... and Wal-mart is still closed between 1-6 a.m. since October 2019.

These were some of the answers to questions that residents had for Wharton Councilman Clifford Jackson when he had his first town hall meeting after being elected last year.

He said he wanted to do away with any rumors about the city, the levee, festival and yes, even Walmart.

“If you want to know what time Walmart closes, call them; why are you going to ask your neighbors, they don’t know,” Jackson said. “We don’t want to pass around misinformation. That is why I am here. You want to know about what is happening with your city, you come and ask me ... or I will come to you like we’re doing now.”

And just like that, he explained to his constituents and the District 1 area he represents what they wanted to know.

It appears, based on the conversations that included Mayor Tim Barker, Wharton Economic Development Corp. Executive Director Chad Odom, two Wharton ISD Board of Trustees Steven Roberts and Curtis Evans, the requisition and relocation process is still ongoing.

 It looks like the levee project will begin this summer, but a hard date was not given to these residents.

Jackson also heard concerns about the Wharton County Recovery Team and how one resident is not being allowed into his home. Jackson squashed rumors if the City of Wharton is profiting from homes that have been requisitioned through the future levee project.

He was joined by Just Do It Now Board President James Perez inside the gym where more than 30 people attended.

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