The Wharton Economic Development Corporation held a meeting on Monday, Oct. 19 regarding various officials who are now part of the board of directors and others who are not.

David Schroeder was appointed to the board. He was WEDC’s first executive director before stepping down several years ago. Chad Odom took on the role for several years until this year when Josh Owens was appointed. 

Directors Freddie Pekar, Michael Wootton and councilmember Clifford Jackson were re-appointed to the board. Previous director Bill Ansley stepped down.

According to the September meeting minutes, the board unanimously approved to award Karen Heintschel a promotion from executive assistant to assistant director of Economic Development with a 10 percent raise in annual salary.

Other items

At the September meeting, the WEDC board approved $3,000 for signage improvements to the Wharton Country Club, which is located at 126 Country Club Drive. Funding would be contingent upon the completion of the project and the applicant providing paid receipts for the signage. Abby King made the presentation for signage and repair/refurbishing of the exterior of the clubhouse building.

Jerry Harris, with Sugar Pot BBQ Restaurant located at 111 CR 227 in East Bernard, made a request for signage also. According to the minutes, it was the consensus of the board that the request could not be funded because of the location being outside of the city limits. 

WEDC continues to be entered into Phase 1 environmental assessment on the downtown property located next to the Wharton Journal-Spectator, 135 West Burleson Street.

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