One thing that is certainly being affected by the continued rains and dampened soil is the removal of the star atop the Wharton County Courthouse.

Supervisor Paul Shannon, with the county’s maintenance department, said as long as the soil is soft and a crane is unable to be placed on a hard grassy surface, the star that was erected high above the historic edifice for the holiday season will continue to be positioned there.

Shannon said if inclement weather continues into the spring time and the grass conditions stay moist, it’s likely the star will stay put.

This information comes days after Andy Kirkland, coordinator for the county’s Emergency Management, said the week of Jan. 26 is looking stormy. 

“The forecast calls for another storm system to move across the state, causing another period of rain,” Kirkland said this week. 

He said Keetch Byram Drought Index value was 377 (162-533). 

“Saturday’s rains were much heavier towards the coast (Matagorda near five inches) so the southern portion of Wharton County is the wettest and the area near the Colorado/Austin county lines is still our driest area,” Kirkland said.

Stephen Johnson, with the City of Wharton’s Office of Emergency Management said Wharton County is forecast to receive one to two inches of rain in the five-day forecast. 

“These rainfall amounts should not cause flooding in our area,” he said. “The heaviest rain is forecast to remain near the coast.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, the forecast calls for 90 percent chance of precipitation and the following day 100 percent chance of rains. 


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