Ben and Erin Napier, of the HGTV hit series, Home Town, look to help an entire small town and community to revitalize the place they call home by asking small towners to submit photos, videos and entry forms online to their Home Town Takeover submission website.

The Napiers share a love of simple, southern living and revitalizing historic properties. The show follows the couple as they renovate turn-of-the-century homes for first-time buyers, young families and adults wishing to live closer to family.

The show’s announcement to revitalize and entire town has many encouraging Wharton residents and business owners to submit Wharton as the show’s makeover takeover. 

The three questions one must answer “yes” to be considered are; Does your population total less that 40,000? Does your town have homes with great architecture longing to be revealed? Does your town have a main street that needs a facelift?

Kapeesh Marketing, LLC not only believes Wharton meets each of those questions with a “yes,” but believes Wharton’s story should be shared with the nation.

Amy Morales, owner and marketing director of Kapeesh Marketing, LLC, said, “Wharton has a compelling story. With our history, yes, but also in our resilience to overcome major setbacks.”

Setbacks include major disasters like Hurricane Harvey in 2017, residential fires and the west side floods in 2016 and years before. The spirit of the community during the aftermath following each disaster has Morales convinced that if the community rallies together, they can make Wharton a strong contender in the selection process.

Historic architecture detail can be found throughout Wharton. The first location that could come to mind are the buildings within Monterey Square that surrounds the restored Wharton County Courthouse. However, beauty and charm can also be found in the homes and businesses on the west, east and north side of the city. 

“My family and I spend a lot of time downtown due to my business’ location and our enjoyment of Dinosaur Park, but everywhere I travel throughout the city could qualify and benefit from this opportunity,” Morales said.

Morales hopes that by spreading the opportunity to all Wharton residents will increase the likelihood of a greater number of submissions.

“One thing is for sure, when Wharton is passionate about a topic or project, we can move mountains,” Morales said.

While the show’s submission link has been shared over 20,000 times on Facebook, completed submissions for Wharton have only been announced by a few. Morales fears that if instruction and assistance isn’t offered for anyone wishing to submit Wharton, the opportunity could easily slip passed.

“Kapeesh will not only submit a video and picture with form for our submission, but we are here to help anyone who would like to nominate Wharton and finds the photo and video process daunting,” Morales said. “We will walk you through the process for free. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process on your mobile phone, coach you through making a video, and help you fill out the form and submit.”

If Wharton was selected, revitalizations of properties are not the only benefit. A total town takeover would boost hotel/motel stays, retail and restaurant sales and exposure to the city itself. 

“We [Wharton] could be put on the map once again and it wouldn’t be credited to a disaster, it would be because of the community, once again, rallying together and working for the betterment of our city,” Morales said.

The application deadline is Friday, Feb. 7. To submit a city or town for this takeover, you must visit, upload photos and a video of the town or city and fill out the form to submit. 

Those wanting assistance from Kapeesh Marketing, LLC., may contact Morales by calling 713-570-6603, by emailing, or by stopping by the office at 247 West Milam Street, in Wharton. 

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