Deputy Superintendent Randy Meyer said a meeting between the Wharton Independent School District and the Wharton Babe Ruth League went well after he met with officials on Monday, Jan. 13.

On its Facebook page, Babe Ruth published a post a few hours before the same day expressing concerns with “community advertising signs,” which officials said is the league’s major fundraising effort.

The post said it keeps registration fees low so youth can afford to play baseball in Wharton.

Meyer said the league and Wharton ISD had a previous Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and it appears, based on the outcome of the evening meeting that another one will be signed by officials from both entities.

Meyer said all it needs is WISD’s Board of Trustees to be informed about it and approved the MOU, which is an agreement between two or more parties that allow all those involved to move forward until an agreed upon deadline. 

It appears the previous MOU was produced before Wharton ISD’s $59 million bond that passed in November 2018. This paved the way for the Wharton Babe Ruth League baseball field to receive major upgrades, and a softball field to be built next to it. It is now a sports complex that will be used later this year. The complex will also have a new parking area  made of concrete instead of grass that made things challenging to walk on because of an uneven surface.

“Wharton ISD and Wharton Babe Ruth have had a good working relationship and we look forward in the future to continue to work with the league,” Meyer said.

Babe Ruth League, however, has yet to update its Facebook page on the matter.

It has not been updated in more than two weeks, and no response has been given by the league about how many people voiced equal concerns in preparation for a board meeting the following day.

“This is a very fluid item and we hope this can be resolved prior to the board meeting,” the league said before officials met with Meyer, who represented WISD.

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