Elected officials with the Wharton County Commissioners Court will be discussing the Wharton Levee Project as it affects county property, according to their agenda for a Monday, Oct. 14 regular meeting.

They will be looking to approve an antiquities permit application that is necessary for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to execute archeological investigation of the levee project on county property.

The item will be presented by Judge Phillip Spenrath, according to the agenda. This is the first time that Wharton’s levee project has been listed on the commissioners’ agenda since it was announced by the federal government in July 2018.

Wharton Secretary Paula Favors, who is the city’s public information officer, spoke about the item on the agenda referring to the antiquities permit.

“The City of Wharton has already signed their antiquities permit application and this item is from the (USACE) wanting Wharton County to sign an antiquities permit application for county property in the Wharton levee project,” she said.

Last month, county officials said that they wanted to be privy to matters concerning the levee project, but they had not taken place during a county meeting. However, Precinct 1 Commissioner Richard Zahn, Engineer Eric Scheibe and Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator Debbie Cenko had met with the City of Wharton during a code enforcement meeting on Aug. 26.

Cenko was also in attendance during a Business Breakfast sponsored by the Wharton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, Sept. 26.

The Journal-Spectator did not have a commissioners court agenda packet by press time.

Some of the other items that county officials plan to discuss and act on are:

• accept and award a bid for exhaust fans in the County Jail;

• go out for bids for fuel, chemical, chemical application, road materials and oil-based road materials for 2020;

• honor the late Chris King for his past post as Precinct 2 commissioner;

• preliminary subdivision plat for We Love Mini Pigs Estates;

• ratify the purchase of one WatchGuard body camera for the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office.

Consent agenda items, which are not required to be discussed openly until a commissioner(s) requests it, pertain to 2020 indigent defense grant program; Zahn serving as rep on the Central Appraisal District Board of Directors, budget adjustments and amendments; ratify Oct. 4 payroll over $283,000 and applicable benefits of more than $93,000 and time sensitive invoices; and Early Literacy stations for the El Campo and East Bernard libraries, among others.

Cindy Richter, who is the county’s Elections Offie clerk, said she is on the agenda for the Oct. 14 meeting. 

“We can no longer use the parish hall at St. Andrews in Hillje. We will be using the Justice of the Peace 3 (JP 3) courtroom in Louise for the November 2019 election,” she said. The item had been on the agenda during a September Commissioners Court meeting.

This Oct. 14 meeting begins art 9:30 a.m. inside the Courthouse Annex Building, 309 East Milam Street, in Wharton.

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