Tickets for sale

Staff photo by Albert Villegas

Wharton Lions Club President Worthy Carpenter, left, and Lions member Lucy Alaniz hold up tickets that will be sold to hundreds of residents in advance of the Pancake Supper next month.

The annual Pancake Supper put on by the Wharton Lions Club is less than two weeks away and members will begin speaking to people around the city to seek donations for this major community event that attracts hundreds.

During a Lions luncheon at 9’ers on Thursday, Feb. 20 to discuss details about the supper next month at the Wharton Civic Center, the group had various people through texts, emails, and phone calls commit $800 in an hour’s time.

Before the meeting, the Wharton Lions had raised more than $6,000 that had already been donated, and by luncheon’s end, it was beefed up to around $7,300. This sum is half of the money that the Lions raised last year.

The money in 2019 allowed the Wharton Lions Club to give away $16,300 in scholarships, ten of which were for $1,000 and nine for $700 amounts.

The luncheon allowed the Pancake Supper Committee, which was led by 1st Vice President Jeffrey Blair, to organize the event, including sponsorship.

The committee members discussed more than 20 items that will have many Lions being part of the Pancake Supper. Among the responsibilities include publicity, ticket printing, entertainment, supplies, servers and waiters in the main hall and kitchen, and decorations, among others.

H-E-B donated a $500 gift card that will help Lions tremendously in purchasing supplies. There was a time that sausages were cooked during the event, but since McDonald’s began donating them to go along with the pancakes, Lions said it has made the event run much smoother.

In fact, the volunteer base is what makes the event run smoothly and groups like local boy and girl scouts, student organizations from the Wharton Independent School District, and first responders, among others, make it easier.

Decorating in the main hall will begin at noon and seven Lions have been tasked with that responsibility that will include assistant from Jr. Lions, who are also WHS students. 

The 50-50 raffle ticket will once again be part of this Pancake Supper. Lions said $500 was raised from last year’s raffle so it was agreed this would continue.

Those members who have seniority in the Lions Club, and can help, will serve as greeters and ticket collectors as people enter the facility.

Younger Lions and their helpers who are more mobile will be tasked with pancake mixers that will start at 3:30 p.m. At least 10 people will be cooking the pancakes that will begin being made at 4 p.m. 

Among those who are or will be invited to entertain the guests are the Wharton County Junior College Jazz Band, and students from Sheila Taylor’s dance studio, and students from Just Do It Now.

The Pancake Supper will be at the Civic Center from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, March 5. Adult tickets are $10, children 12 years and under tickets are $5.

For tickets, contact Lions President Worthy Carpenter 830-370-6718 or Blair 979-533-1660.


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