Five men charged in armed robbery of Northington store in Egypt; sixth suspect being sought. Arrested for Oct. 9, 1969 robbery are Percy Parks Young and Raymond Richard Perry of Houston; Robert Lewis Shelton of Egypt; Billy Joe Woodard of Wharton; Frank Johnson of El Campo. Over $700 in cash, plus merchandise was taken.  One of the men put a gun to Mrs. Ivy Tolliver Foulk’s head and threatened to kill her if she did not cooperate. Four customers, Tommy Smith, Frank Rodriquez Jr., Gus Cervenka, and Allen Piekert were held at bay by other gunmen. Gunmen locked customers and Mrs. Foulk in back storeroom. [Ivy 73 years old at that time; lived across from store]

Sid Lasher KHOU TV’s weatherman aka “King of Clowning Around” was the speaker at annual Boy Scout Appreciation dinner. Tickets for BBQ dinner $1.75 [WOW! – today’s ticket $20. Sid was popular TV personality at the time; early 1970s he died of massive heart attack sitting at his desk waiting to go “on air”.  Few minutes after 6 p.m. Ron Stone could hardly speak with tears running down his face to announce a substitute was giving the weather report. I watched this and wondered what had happened.]

WHS Homecoming Queen is Cookie Matthys and Hollis Mangum WHS Football Sweetheart. BHS Homecoming Queen is Debra Waligura. [ISDs should have convertibles with former queens aboard for half-time event]

City council of Wharton wants to put to a vote by citizens of the city a new city charter. It has become apparent to council members the present general law-type of city government is not sufficiently flexible and up-to-date to meet needs of a growing community. Charter Study Commission is comprised of 24 citizens, chaired by Dr. Vic Driscoll who proposed new charter to be offered for vote January 1970.  In other business, City Council has taken action to stop through truck traffic on Alabama Road from Hwy. 60 to FM 1301. Traffic on this route creates a danger to those who drop off/pick up children attending Alabama Road School. Present construction of this route cannot sustain heavy traffic and heavy vehicles, but pickup trucks will still be allowed to use route. [I guess school buses got a pass on restriction]

City of Wharton now new owners of Texas Hwy. Dept. site corner Alabama Rd./Milam St. City will improve site and relocate City Engineering Dept., Garbage and Street Repair departments to this site to become base of operations for all city construction and maintenance [a win-win for both]. 

 Annual Christmas Tour of Homes will include W.A. Cline on 212 N. Resident; R.B. Hand at 728 Price Drive; J.A. Hamilton, Sr. 325 N. Richmond; George Nasso, Jr. at 7150 Old Lane City Road; Robert Reynolds 420 N. Fulton. Tickets $2 with refreshment served at Wharton Country Club where door prizes will be given. [I miss this annual event but know why no longer in place]

First Baptist Church honors Mrs. J.R. Cox for her 50 years of service to the church as its pianist, and volunteering to provide piano accompaniment to civic and community organizations. Mrs. Ruth Matthys, member of St. John’s Lutheran Church, recognized as “Outstanding Church Volunteer” by her church and by Texas Lutheran Women at annual Concordia Ladies Day in Austin where she was awarded “Texas Lutheran Woman of the Year.” She was chosen for special recognition for being a charter member of St. John’s Ladies Aid formed in 1935, serving as superintendent of Vacation Bible School 1946 to date, and faithful Sunday school teacher for many years.

D.R. “Tom” Uher, Texas representative for our area was principal speaker at WCJC. He spoke of the need to “Lower Voter Age to 18” to a large audience of students and local citizens. [change made 1971 in time for 1972 election]

AD: Now renting Yorktown Manor Apartments at 1415 Hodges Lane. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments $95-$167 per month, either unfurnished or furnished, plus swimming pool, laundry quarters, covered carports, all electric kitchens.  

For sale: To be moved, 2,500 square foot frame building used as Catholic Church in Newgulf. Sealed bids only; to be opened Dec. 1, 1969. [Where is it now?]

AD: Strouhal’s Tire & Recapping Plant in Hungerford since 1926. Wide oval tires $14.95 each with high performance tread, mounted & balanced. [I thought tires were round]


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