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Comfort Wood Chapter held its November meeting inside the Plaza Theatre where members provided organization reports, among other topics, including ghost stories.

The Comfort Wood Chapter, NSDAR held its afternoon meeting on Nov. 14 in the historic Plaza Theatre, in downtown Wharton. Hostesses were Sarah Wilkins and Sarah Hudgins, whose home was the setting for a business meeting and refreshments.

There were 21 members present and four guests.

Wilkins told some of the history of the Plaza Theatre, its founding as a hotel, then into an opera house, movie theatre and finally the playhouse it is today. She then introduced Jami Hughes, a director at Wharton County Junior College and also serving on the Plaza Board of Directors, who presented the program “A Coffin in Egypt,” a play by Wharton playwright Horton Foote. 

Quoting from his obituary, “In 2003, he was inducted into the Film Hall of Fame.” After the reading, members were enlightened by Wilkins as she shared some ghost stories of the Plaza Theatre.  She had a publication on Ghosts in Texas and relayed three stories that people wrote about ghost sightings and experiences of the Plaza Theatre.  She then relayed her own story. After that she asked if anyone would like to share any ghost experiences and three people shared. We were then given a tour of the workings behind the curtains and prop rooms.

Members travel to Hudgins home   

The meeting was called to order by Regent Nancy Kacal. The rituals were recited with Linda Runnells acting in the absence of Chaplain Gentra Barnhill. Guests Cindy Kloesel, Merle Hudgins, granddaughter of member Runnells and Bill Sanders, SAR liaison. 

Secretary Hazel Foltyn distributed copies of the minutes for the October meeting and asked if anyone had corrections, they could be emailed to her.  

Treasurer Kathleen Thonsgaard submitted her report. Balance $4,726.16, savings account $1,082.42 and Nell Mick Pugh Scholarship Fund CD $7,000. 

Community Service Chair Sarah Hudgins nominated Emmett Tugwell for this award. She gave a brief description on his community service in the raising funds and having Veterans Memorial Wall erected, plus other community endeavors. The nomination was seconded by Pat Blair, and approved

Glenell  Wenglar, Wreaths Across America chair, distributed order forms and said she has more wreaths sold this year than last. 

In the absence of Project Patriot Chair, Pam Poncik, Kacal and Foltyn told of recent items donated and Kacal reminded members of a basket she had on a table for members to donate toward mailings. Amount collected $45.

Since last meeting through the state regent and state chair, the chapter submitted Dr. Greg Dimmick for the award. Letter was read that he is going to receive the award and has been notified. It is currently not for publication.

Women’s Issues Chair Laura Smith gave her report on domestic violence, apps for member phones to track a family member and the Bsafe Program.

The voting to pay the dues of Jamie Britt motion was made by Susan Davenport, seconded by Karen Rees, and passed.

Before the conclusion of the meeting, it was learned her dues will be paid. Members not paying their dues will be contacted and the dues will be sent in before Thanksgiving, said Thonsgaard.

National Defense Chair gave her report on a letter received during that time from a relative. 

The chapter was invited by Bill Sanders on behalf of the Cradle of Texas, SAR Chapter to attend its Dec. 14 meeting at the Northington Mansion in Egypt.

Motion to dismiss was made by Hudgins and seconded by Debbie Hamman.

This Comfort Wood Chapter information was submitted by Hazel Foltyn.


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