Texas Retired Teachers Association of Wharton County met Wednesday, June 5, at the Heritage Center in El Campo. 

President Jim Murrile, of East Bernard, opened the morning meeting. Brian Hale, of El Campo, gave a patriotic monologue about the U.S. flag before Allen Collins, of El Campo, led the pledges to the U.S. and Texas flags.

The retired teachers welcomed Cheryl Roitsch, of El Campo, as a new member. Then they approved the nomination of Stan Labay, of El Campo, as the new president of TRTA of Wharton County for 2019-2021. He will begin his term at the Sept. 4 meeting.

Secretary Dana Riley, of Wharton, and Treasurer Donald Lorfing, of East Bernard, gave their reports. 

At the onset of the memorial service, Diane Thigpen, of El Campo read a verse. In memory of the members who have died in the past year, friends/family members placed butterflies in a make-shift garden and spoke of them. Those remembered were Ann Chumchal (Boling), Robert Osborne and Dorothy Twardowski (East Bernard), Bruce Ashcraft, Debbie Hamman, Blanche Lyons, Lorraine Clayton, Dorothy Baros, and Sis Ramsey (lived in El Campo), Mildred Spaniel (Louise), Elizabeth Roades and Robert Kallas (Wharton).

Jeanette Macha, of El Campo, and her committee honored 20 members who are more than 80 years of age with long-stemmed roses. 

Tish McAlister, of El Campo, legislative chairman, reported that the 86th State Legislation made appropriations to keep the TRS funds actuarially sound. The legislators made provisions for retirees to receive a 13th check this year. She concluded with, “Nothing has changed with TRS care.” 

Joy Ropollo, of El Campo, volunteer hours chairman, asked that the members report all volunteer hours they record over the summer. Janie Lorfing, of East Bernard, health/wellness chairman, provided information to keep the members mentally and physically active. These included jokes, mind exercises, and physical exercises. Carol Labay, membership chairman, reported that the organization has gained three members this past year.

The state certificate of recognition for healthy participation was given to Dottie Collins, of El Campo. She is the retiring chairman of the health/wellness committee.

President Murrile recognized members with expressions of appreciation for their service to TRTA and the local unit – Wharton County.

Mary Ellen Meyer, of El Campo, chairman, presented Romana Medina, of El Campo with the $800 scholarship awarded by the organization. Medina will continue her education degree plan at the University of Houston – Victoria.

The next meeting will be Sept. 4 at St. Thomas Episcopal Church Hall in Wharton.

The blessing was given by President Murrile before the catered lunch was served. Members bought items at the silent auction.


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