A relative of a student enrolled with the East Bernard Independent School District spoke during the public comments of a recent EBISD Board of Trustees meeting to voice his concern about bullying.

Thomas Jones said he was airing out several incidents that had occurred to his grandson on school property and once that he could recall at a birthday party this winter.

The student attends East Bernard Junior High School. His family, the grandfather said, is fairly new to East Bernard, and have lived in the area since 2015.

“But that should not matter,” Jones said.

He read the following to trustees during their Monday, Dec. 9 meeting. He shared the letter with the East Bernard Express, omitting his grandson’s name for privacy.

The letter read in part:

“It has come to my attention numerous times that (my grandson) has suffered bullying and harassment while a student of EBISD, and that nothing apparently has been done to combat this. Recently he has suffered more intense bullying to the point of criminal assault. In the last few week he has been pushed, tripped, and /or shoved to the floor at school by the same bully who has been harassing him for quite a long time,” Jones said in the letter.

He also shared with trustees that the boy’s mother teaches at East Bernard High School and that the name of the family is “a very familiar one to folks in the East Bernard area.”

Jones, who lives in Brazoria County, questioned the manner in which the school has handled the situation since it has been repeatedly reported. 

His adult daughter and her friend went to EBISD to file a complaint regarding the bullying, but Jones said she “has not heard one word from school authorities.”

“I see that from your own EBISD policies (Student Welfare Freedom From Bullying) that the definition of bullying is well established, however, it seems that the follow through on said policies and the protection and safety of my grandson has failed.”

The East Bernard Express has reached out to EBISD Superintendent Courtney Hudgins, but has yet to receive a response.

“Silence from EBISD administration is very disheartening and definitely failing its students,” Jones said during the meeting. “As friends and family of (my grandson), we are looking for a speedy and mutual resolve in this matter.”

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