EBHS gridiron time

Courtesy photo by Ryan Dunsmore/Fort Bend Herald

The East Bernard High School cheerleaders and Brahmas’ football team are seen together during the School Song following a victory over Ganado.

If Robert Palermo had a sense of pride and eagerness for East Bernard High School Band at the start of the school year, now at midterm, he’s ready to burst his buttons with all the band members have accomplished. 

It started with marching season, then concert season, and then right back to halftime shows because the football Brahmas were still prepping for the Class 3A Division II semifinals on Friday, Dec. 13.

The football team lost, but the band members still had plans of their own, musically speaking.

Palermo said the band’s accomplishments have gone above and beyond everyone’s expectation. 

“This has turned out to be a fantastic season!” said Palermo. “We placed 17 [in district competition] out of 31 bands.” Their awards include taking the sweepstakes and they received perfect ratings from all three judges in each category. 

Contest season for marching band has ended, but other opportunities have presented themselves. Because they spent time preparing for their Christmas concert, they no longer practiced marching. But a new challenge arose – providing a halftime show when the Brahmas’ football team competed in Waco last Friday. 

Palermo said, “We had a very interesting halftime, with Christmas music and pop tunes.” 

The band played new music on the field, without marching. Although they have provided entertainment before, not marching on the football field was different for them, but they were up to the challenge. 

The band, through charter buses, didn’t get back until after 1:30 a.m. Saturday.


The band, however, was not the only group who went to Waco to encourage the team. The Brahma cheerleaders went too, along with their mascot, Buford. And they brought with them lots and lots of cheer.

Their sponsor, Amanda Heimann, explained it this way: “The cheerleaders were very excited for the football season to continue. Each playoff game means having one more week to cheer on the Brahmas.” 

And cheer they have. The entire squad was part of the cheer group, 14 girls on varsity and eight girls on junior varsity. In addition to cheers as a group, Heimann said, “… in close, exciting games, they rely on chants so the fans can cheer along with them.”

The football team may be winners as its 14-0 season mark shows, but the girls are winners too, in their own right. 

This past summer they placed for sideline cheer and were Game Day Champions. They are now preparing to compete at UIL State Spirit against other 3A schools, and they are working on new material for the competition in January. 

Thanks to the East Bernard Independent School District, and the East Bernard Band Boosters, both the musicians and the cheerleaders were able to go to the Waco game in comfort on chartered buses – one for the girls and another for the boys. 

All school students were released at noon on Friday, so as many students as possible could go to the fifth-round playoff game against Paul Pewitt.

The Brahmas win here, and they competed in the state title game in Arlington next week.


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